Benefits of Certified Electronic Medical Records Solutions

Certified Electronic Medical Records (EMR) service providers such as Suitemed EMR are continuously working hard to offer extensive opportunities in patient management to physicians and medical practitioners. Besides the basic benefits of reduced paperwork and cost-efficiency, the advantages of implementing certified EMR Systems are many for independent family practitioners as well multi-specialty clinics.

Patient Management:

A solution like Suitemed EMR helps efficiently manage a primary physician’s OPD practice and ensures effective decision-making in management of patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension. It also provides support services such as easy referrals and comes with in-built billing software.

Easy Accessibility:

The introduction of Web-based EMR has made it even simpler to remotely access and share patient information like test and diagnostic results with specialist doctors for second opinions.

Unlimited Storage:

Every medical facility faces the challenge of maintaining mountains of documents such as medical histories, prescriptions, vital statistics, lab reports, X-rays and others deemed vital to take medical decisions in the future. A tour through Suitemed will make evident the convenience of storing scanned medical documents on certified EMR systems.

Why a Certified EMR Solution?

President Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 that provided $17.2 billion in financial incentives to ensure the integration of certified EMR software among physicians and medical institutions. The initiative guaranteed high standards in software analysis thereby ensuring quality control in practice management systems within these healthcare facilities.

Certified EMR solution providers such as Suitemed EMR meet the federal standards of product quality and also offer features such as drug interactions (recognition of unfavorable drug reactions) through databases integrated with the FDA’s.

How to Select a Certified EMR System?

The market offers several static and Web-based EMRs. It is important to identify a provider who can counsel you on customized software for your practice. Take into consideration the size of your practice, the clinical specialty and the local market. Selecting a reputed service provider with strong customer support will benefit you in the long run. Some software also allows integration with insurance companies and assists in efficient claim management.

Executing an EMR system without having any clarity on its usability in the day-to-day operations of the practice, communication process and medical decision-making hinders the application of the software. A clear understanding of common challenges faced within the practice help in the selection of the right EMR Solution.

Appropriate selection of an EMR solution provider helps improve productivity of clinical staff, enhances time management, increases patient turnover and income and reduces expenses.

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