Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health RecordsWhen the ARRA Act was introduced in 2009, many clinics rushed to purchase an EHR system to take advantage of available stimulus funding and avoid future penalties. Now clinics are finding that the EHR they selected is not meeting the needs of their specialty, lags in technology, and provides little on-going customer service. As the CMS transitions to the new Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), the timing to make a change could not be better. Are you facing any of the issues below or have you yet to implement an EHR solution? If so, please contact us and explore our proven EHR transition and implementation options.

How Many Of These Issues Apply To You?

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Issue: We do not receive good customer service from our current vendor.

Solution: Fox Meadows has been in business since 1994.  It continues to thrive based on referrals from our current customers based on the service they receive.  Our technicians that answer the phones and reply to emails have an average of 7 years of employment at Fox Meadows.  We do not have receptionists, when you contact support, you are immediately speaking to an expert.

Issue: Our current system is server based and does not offer a cloud version.

Solution: Fox Meadows offers both cloud and server based options.

Issue: Our current vendor does not staff people to guide us through Meaningful Use and PQRS

Solution: Fox Meadows has a department dedicated solely to interpreting all of the latest government programs and guiding our customers accordingly.

Issue: Our current system does not meet the needs of our specialty.

Solution: Many EHR system lack content for the various medical specialties.  Over the years Fox Meadows has worked closely with medical professionals to design content, features, and workflows for most all specialties.

Issue: Our current system cannot interface to labs, hospitals, and other key partners of our clinic.

Solution: Fox Meadows can interface to just about anyone using HL7 technology.

Issue: Our patients are not using our patient portal.

Solution: This is probably due to your current portal being just enough to pass Meaningful Use and it not offering other benefits to your patients.  With our patient portal you can electronically communicate with patients and upload documents.  Patients can complete all paperwork on-line, request appointments and refills, and pay their bill.  There is a patient portal mobile device app, and much more.

Issue: We are nervous about migrating our EHR data to a new system.

Solution: Fox Meadows routinely converts visit notes, scanned documents, demographics, appointments, insurance, and other data elements from EHR systems.  We also provide custom conversion solutions.  Please contact us so we can review your exact needs.

Issue: Our original EHR implementation was rough and we felt behind from day one.

Solution: With an assigned project manager and trainer, Fox Meadows dedicates all the necessary resources needed to ensure a smooth implementation process.  We work directly with the resources that you assign to the project for training, customization, and conversion aspects of your implementation.

Issue: There is still too much paper in our office.

Solution: You probably don’t have the ability to electronically collect patient signatures, upload your forms into your EHR, electronically fax, interface to labs and other vendors, electronically prescribe controlled substances, electronically store and distribute patient education, or electronically complete a superbill.  If you want to get rid of paper once and for all, these are all items Fox Meadows can resolve.