Billing and Scheduling

Billing and Scheduling (Practice Management System)

Scheduler Features

SuiteMed, a leading medical practice management system, recognizes that scheduling patients in the health care arena is a complex integral office flow component that must be able to handle multiple variables and mitigate common error spots. Scheduling complexities exist even for single-office/single provider practices and are amplified significantly at multi-office/multi-provider practices. Medical practice management software can address these complexities and create a better workflow process easy for staff to learn and use!

Medical Practice Management Software - Scheduler

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To address modern scheduling needs, SuiteMed, a practice management software, has designed a multi-functional and highly-developed, yet flexible and user friendly Scheduling Module. Leaving your practice susceptible to scheduling errors can result in missed appointments, patients showing up when doctors are not scheduled, overbooking, and potentially costly patient care liability and exposure.

SuiteMed’s Scheduling Module, an integral part of the practice management system, includes an array of features that will keep your office running smoothly, increase practice productivity, provide scheduling accountability, and provide optimum patient satisfaction:

  • Customizable scheduling parameters
  • Quick and intelligent future appointment availability searching
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly views as well as multi-doctor, multi-room, and multi-office views: allows clinic-wide schedule snapshots and access
  • User defined color-coded appointment tracking, including missed, canceled, confirmed, and unconfirmed appointments: keeps staff members informed of all activities at a glance
  • Create procedure-defined, proactive prompts for necessary data collection and quality assurance when creating new and existing patient appointments so critical data is never missed
  • User defined setup of resources, procedures, and time slots
  • Create hospital appointments and keep track of hospital billing
  • Definable and easily viewable provider and room availability
  • Double book, cut, copy, paste, and drag/drop appointments
  • Appointment waiting list
  • View all patient details with one click: access face sheet, chart history, insurance information, reminder notes, previous appointments, and outstanding bills

Billing and Collection

SuiteMed’s Billing Module is an enhanced feature of the medical practice management software, which emphasizes workflow. Offering automated data entry from EMR-generated Super Bills, strong validations, pre-checking of EMC, CMS-1500 or UB92 claims, Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA – Auto Post), enhanced collections and extensive reports that keep finances on track.

Medical Billing System
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  • Has extensive fee schedule options
  • Offers flexible CPT templates, macros and parameters for fast, accurate billing
  • Conducts pre-claim analysis to reduce claim rejections
  • Allows customized CMS-1500 templates based on insurance guidelines
  • Prints/Electronically transmits patient and insurance statements
  • Utilizes Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), a feature that automatically imports remittances into the practice management software
  • Provides paperless interactive aging report
  • Tracks unpaid claims using Rejection Analysis and allows you to easily re-bill claims
  • Provides required high-and low-level claim reports
  • Includes Automated Collections

To see if your medical practice can benefit from the SuiteMed practice management system, call today to schedule a demo where you can see the Scheduling and Billing modules and how they work with the other modules to create the complete medical practice management system for your practice to run on! Also, we will gladly give you all information on how your practice management software may be partially funded through stimulus money!