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Patient & Provider Web Portal

Patient & Provider Web Portal

SuiteMed’s Healthcare Portal is one of the most advanced evolutionary steps in healthcare. It allows patients to be more connected to their medical lives — putting more control, more responsibility and more proactive self-diagnosis in their hands. Patients have 24 hour secure access to their entire electronic health record from home allowing them to view and update: prescription renewal, appointments, lab results, disease management tools, and self-diagnosis tools. Additionally, with the built-in pre-registration component, Healthcare Portal also alleviates the multi-tasking strain on front office staff by allowing patients to pre-register (select/confirm appointments and complete documents and forms) via a secure Internet interface.

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SuiteMed automates the entire registration process, resulting in increased efficiency and more productive use of the front office staff time. Patients feel more in-touch with their own health record: with Healthcare Portal, patients can access new information never before available to them from the privacy of their home giving them the comforting sense of autonomy and more control

  • Patients become medically proactive: with access to their records and the ability to indicate complaints and do specified research, patients become more active in the self-management of their own health
  • Automation of the entire registration process: frees up staff time
  • Enhanced care management through automation
  • Patients can view their current statement and access all outstanding balances with a click
  • Increased flexibility and legibility: patients can register on their own time from their home and documents are legible for the office
  • Patients can view bills: patients can quickly access their current statement and immediately know their outstanding charges
  • Physicians can provide authorized educational material, disease management assessment tools, and disease-specific health reminders: more advanced and faster healthcare results than ever before
  • Streamlined communication: enhances physician and staff workflow
  • Patient satisfaction and care is significantly increased: patient gets better treatment from the physician and the practice
  • Healthcare Portal is customizable to the patient’s preferences in content and layout: patients see their health record the way they want to
  • Patients have access to news and event updates and office notifications right from their own home: patients are more connected to and involved with their own health
  • Prescription renewal requested requests can be made by the patient from anywhere at anytime wherever an internet connection is available: more timely and effective methods for pharma-care
  • Comprehensive health coverage status is always accessible to the patient without needing to speak to the doctor: proactive self-treatment means the doctor can concentrate on the bigger health picture and the patient can get immediate responses for minor complications