“We have been using Fox Meadows scheduling and EHR for the past 4 years, while our billing was done by a third-party billing company.  Our revenue over the years was stable without much growth. We looked into a few other billing companies to see how they could increase our revenue while improving the way we do business.  The results were not promising and we would have to switch to their system. It was then that we decided to take a further look into how Fox Meadow could benefit our company if we added their outsourced billing to our contract since we were already using their IMS system.


Needless to say, it was the best business decision we have ever made. Not only has Fox Meadow enabled our practice to generate significant additional income, they also helped us to improve the quality of our work by enabling us to be more efficient in operating our practice so we can provide better patient care to or clients.


Fox Meadows also has some of the best trained support staff who are always available when needed. Every question is answered in a professional manner and followed up immediately.


Our decision to partner with Fox Meadows for Billing, IT, support, and Meaningful Use has made our lives so much better. This is only the beginning of a great partnership with endless future possibilities.”


Rosemarie, Office Manager
Endocrinology Associates
Washington, DC

“Our practice had been working with a major EMR company for two years. However, they routinely made us feel as though we were too small for them, so we decided to make a change. We began working with Fox Meadows and couldn’t be more pleased.  They provide such care for the single physician practice!  They made sure the office staff was properly trained, and whenever we have questions they are right there to answer and take care of us.  The billing services are wonderful – no more worries if claims have been sent, they do their job. How comforting it is to have folks at Fox Meadows on our team, they truly care about our office.”


Debbie Schmadel, Practice Manager
Physician’s Pain and Spine Center, LLC
West Columbia, South Carolina

“After much budget analysis and talks, we decided to transition our billing to Fox Meadows. Fox Meadows spent a lot of time with us in helping determine if our in-house billing efforts could be remedied and the potential cash flow impacts if we were to outsource to them. Matt was instrumental for us to understand our billing process and procedures. After reviewing the efforts of our team compared to Fox Meadows, we can now say with certainty that this was the best business decision for our clinic. We were able to cut overall costs in our billing department and reposition current employees to more productive areas of our office.”


Gene Moroz, Practice Administrator
Foot and Ankle Clinic
Los Angeles, CA